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Chris Scherle with 4725 Helmet Bag
Ron, thanks for manufacturing a durable, dependable, and most of all, functional, piece of riding gear. My five week trip to Alaska covered 10,174 miles in all types of weather. The "Helmet Bag From Hell" provided storage for my wind-breaker, extra gloves, maps, vest, pretzels, canned salmon and of course, helmet. The special face shield pocket worked great and kept my spare shield safe, clean and accessible. Once again, thanks for taking the time to make a really great bag!
Best regards, Chris Scherle

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Chase Harper People


GS80 with 10300 Barrel Bag, 1501 Tankbag, 4650 SuperSport Tail Trunk, 9000 FannyPac

First 916 in the USA with 1501 Tankbag & 10070 International Courier briefcase

Ducati 750GT with 1501 Tankbag


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